Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Happy New Year from this craupaud, you may notice I'm still keeping the blogs list up to date (with HG being the latest addition - all 3 of them) and the scene is still vibrant.

If you haven't noticed already, there is now an online 'newspaper' called the Bailiwick Express. They don't seem to have an RSS feed so here's a simple web link: http://bailiwickexpress.com/jsy/

Currently invisible latest postings :

(nothing at the moment)

TIP: if you return here and find the blogs list on the right looks too similar to the last visit - you suspect that the content and times look out of date - try using Ctrl-F5 to force a complete page refresh. Everything is reloaded instead of the browser using 'cached' content from prior visits. This usually gives me a more up to date listing!

Last time I updated this page, I wrote the following, and surprise surprise there wasn't a mention anywhere in the local 'accredited' media!  :

"But check out this interesting video, from a TV channel that is received all over Europe at least (a clear channel on Sky's satellites)......
Keiser Report - Jersey gets a rather negative mention

I'd imagine that this is newsworthy and most islanders would be interested to hear about it.
The question is: will it get a mention in the local 'accredited' media? Will it be covered-up from the locals? I'm assuming that the issue won't be aired on island TV or radio, or in the JEP - but you never know, maybe someone might get a sudden pang of realisation what journalism really means!

Let's face it, when a potentially huge international TV audience hears this, how can it not be news?
"... it sounds like Jersey (has) become like a medieval fortress, surrounded by a moat, run by a mad king who is bent on torturing and raping while looting the country".

Other reading material you may find interesting :



Sometimes new blogspot posts get missed from the RSS feeds of "What's New" on the right of this page.

Funny how it mainly seems to affect Rico and Stuart, there's a good conspiracy theory for you, LOL

I will update this posting each time I spot an error. It's been like this for years, I wish blogger.com would fix it!

Please comment on this thread if you have a blog and your latest isn't showing up.


Ian Evans said...


crapaudverload said...

But yours IS showing up, Ian :)

Anonymous said...


Not been updated

Anonymous said...

Why China? Is a serious attempt to learn about and discuss Jersey's evolving relationship with China.
The first meeting is Friday 25 November from 7pm at the Star, St Peter and tickets are £20 to include a Chinese buffet and much more.
Details from jerseychina on Facebook or emeil info@jerseychina.com or tel TIM 077700 724462

Ian Evans said...

Can "YOU" help us out with our E-PETITION please :)

Anonymous said...

BBC and JEP 'Boycott' Scrutiny Meeting

crapaudverload said...

Dear Anon, of the comment I can't publish.
You obviously give a f***, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
And at least I can spell loser!
Cheerio, have a nice day now

voiceforchildren said...

Better add THIS to the list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing this blog link information. The sheer amount of evidence currently put forth on Jersey blogs is staggering in its importance. It can be challenging for your international readers to keep up with new postings of vital evidentiary documents when links do not automatically show the updates.

The information now being released on these blogs is appreciated by many, probably more than anyone there realizes, and will result in a growing international awareness of Jersey's exploitation of the principles of democracy to conceal institutional abuse of its own children.


rico sorda said...

Thanks for doing this. I will try re-posting tonight and see if it up-loads.


Sam Mézec said...


If any of your readers care about what happens with the islands Electoral Commission, please read this blog post -


It contains a template email that anyone can send forward to the EC so we can collectively pressure them and let it be known that we need a proper democracy in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

With all the added blog readership stemming from the Guardian articles, you may need to update some links. It is strange how the blogs have stopped updating links automatically again. This is probably a banner day for Jersey blog readership.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this service. It makes research easier.

Anonymous said...

This is a new blog you haven't got.


Shazbat said...

Just found this blog, thank you so much for posting these links - extremely helpful and important information.

Anonymous said...

The update feed problems with Stuart Syvret's blog are disturbing. I see he has over 790,000 views listed on the blog count. That count frequently disappears from view, stops counting for weeks or months, and then returns with older, lower numbers. Will his blog ever be allowed to reflect a million views? I'd think not. He has surely exceeded that number already.

Anonymous said...

At the forthcoming hijacked referendum PLEASE use BOTH votes.

e.g. A #1 ......... AND ........ C #2

Voting C as 2nd choice is NOT a vote against A because your 2nd vote does not count unless your first choice is knocked out in the first count,

Your 2nd choice vote ONLY counts if your first is knocked out ...... USE IT !

Do you want B to win because you didn't use your backup vote?

The current system (i.e. "C") is bad and undemocratic but least it is not "B", which is worse !!!!!!

I will vote A & C and hope that our politicians do the right and fair thing and adapt the result into something that respects
democratic principles like "A" but retains enough members for the much needed scrutiny function.
Perhaps have 7 Deputies per district (totalling 48) or maybe keep the Senators.
(keeping the island wide mandate is essential if the Chief Minister is going to get more powers)

The hijacked electoral commission has given us hijacked choices.
No change, or an elected dictatorship - a crass and immoral plan.

If "B" wins on the 24th our feeble democracy dies. Jersey's equivalent of Germany's 1933 enabling act, giving us a semi-elected dictatorship.

voiceforchildren said...

Another one for your LIST

voiceforchildren said...

It has actually updated now but thanks for this service.

HG said...

Thanks for listing my blogs, I didn't know you had until I was getting a lot of traffic from your blog. The more the merrier and please excuse the trauma that prevents me telling my full story. HG

crapaudverload said...

No worries, thanks for your thanks. I do try to add any local-oriented blogs I discover. Happy New Year to you, stay positive!

Cloudburst said...

We regret to inform you that Ex. Health Minister Syvret is currently far too busy having his rights violated to even think of getting his blog re-hosted outside of the reach of your immaculate government.
It is now time to move on and accept that you [in Jersey] are well and wisely governed and that there was NO CHILD ABUSE in Jersey, and no cover up.

It is critically important to your government that you do NOT read these posts in particular:


"I am a researcher for the Technical University in Eindhoven, currently completing my PHD in informatics at the University of Nottingham. My main interests are Internet tunnelling, freedom of expression in cyberspace, and the suppression of freedom of expression by governments all around the world."

I think that you will all agree that your government has been very wise and prudent with your money having the original blog removed in order that it can be replicated across the world.

There are multiple copies in existence and more being assembled.

Comments are NOT being accepted for the time being
so please be patient ..........

Commenting facilities are available at:


Anonymous said...

crapaud, I think you have a rogue blog on there, under the name Frances Peirson or something? It doesn't look genuine?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've removed it. It looks like it has been overrun with spam - I'm sure it used to be genuine!