Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crapaudverload - the local blogs list

Welcome to Crapaudverload *

Do you feel that the way the island is run brings us a never ending overload of cr**? Do you like to read what the citizens are talking about, away from the Mainstream Media?

This blog brings you a collection of constantly updated links to recent entries on all the local blogs I know about, and RSS feeds from other local forums and websites. I hope you find it useful.

Comments are possible, in case you wish to provide feedback, thank me enormously, or let me know of any additions I can make to the list. The original idea for this blog was to provide a means for anonymous comments on local issues, but other places have fulfilled that requirement for now - so this blog is now repositioned as a resource for the list of Jersey blogs (and anything interesting from The Other Bailiwick).


(crapaud is French for a toad - we have them here in the island of Jersey and for historical/comical reasons our neighbours in the other Channel Islands call us crapauds).


Anonymous said...

Thank you enormously. You did ask for it! Good idea, good luck with it.

voiceforchildren said...


A useful list of Blogs and thank-you for providing it. Is it only Jersey Blogs that you will be listing?

crapaudverload said...

Thanks St.O, VFC

It's a local blog list for local people :-)
Anything newsy, political, or humourous (includes Gsy), or from someone overseas who tends to comment upon local issues.

If a local blog is 'just' for a hobby or special interest then it may not seem suitable for this list, it's pot luck for those. Depends if they're quite likely to be considered interesting and/or are frequently updated.


voiceforchildren said...


Here is a Blog that I believe fits your criteria.
Phillip Ozouf

Senator Ozouf has shown himself to be a 21st century politician when it comes to Citizen's Media and has indeed, on a number of occasions, been interviewed by "Team Voice"

Anonymous said...

Here's one

Anonymous said...

That beacon of Openness, transparency and blogging, namely Deputy Tadier has conspicuously omitted a link to Stuart Syvret's blog on his list.

Does anyone know why?

I know he has been sent one, as I sent it !

What is he afraid of?

I feel any blog list should be a a complete list of relevant blogs or nothing.

Sorry to post this here but I have attempted to get an answer from Deputy Tadier but he has become, to coin a phrase, a Krypto Trappist on the matter.

I hope I'm wrong but fear he is becoming too JEP, with regards to any criticism. He does not seem to welcome or allow much criticism on his comments page.

Nick Palmer said...

Thanks crapaudverload! This is a useful service. One would hope the mainstream media at least keep an eye on the blogs and this might help them to see what's really happening.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Dep Tadier has now added Stuart's blog to his list.

Should've done so first time round, not trying to do a JEP & limiting the amount of truth available.

As they are finding out, it will get spotted & pointed out !

Rod Bryans said...

Ruchi Verma said...

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Anonymous said...

Crapaud, you seem to have lost all the local news sites, GEP, JEP, PJ, etc from the blogs list . I really miss them.

Crapaudverload said...

Hi Anonymous, sorry about that. I'll try to find some RSS feeds from those sites, but if they no longer make them available then there won't be much I can do. I'll look into it, but feel free to pass on any URLs that would do the trick if you know of them. Thanks