Sunday, 1 September 2019


I've been away from blogs for a while, but have just seen that Big Trev is back, and VFC is still going strong, so I thought I'd make the effort to keep my blogs list up to date seeing as the scene is still vibrant.

The rest of this posting is as it was a few years ago :)

TIP: if you return here and find the blogs list on the right looks too similar to the last visit - you suspect that the content and times look out of date - try using Ctrl-F5 to force a complete page refresh. Everything is reloaded instead of the browser using 'cached' content from prior visits. This usually gives me a more up to date listing!

Last time I updated this page, I wrote the following, and surprise surprise there wasn't a mention anywhere in the local 'accredited' media!  :

"But check out this interesting video, from a TV channel that is received all over Europe at least (a clear channel on Sky's satellites)......
Keiser Report - Jersey gets a rather negative mention

I'd imagine that this is newsworthy and most islanders would be interested to hear about it.
The question is: will it get a mention in the local 'accredited' media? Will it be covered-up from the locals? I'm assuming that the issue won't be aired on island TV or radio, or in the JEP - but you never know, maybe someone might get a sudden pang of realisation what journalism really means!

Let's face it, when a potentially huge international TV audience hears this, how can it not be news?
"... it sounds like Jersey (has) become like a medieval fortress, surrounded by a moat, run by a mad king who is bent on torturing and raping while looting the country".

Other reading material you may find interesting :

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Funny how it mainly seems to affect Rico and Stuart, there's a good conspiracy theory for you, LOL

I will update this posting each time I spot an error. It's been like this for years, I wish would fix it!

Please comment on this thread if you have a blog and your latest isn't showing up.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crapaudverload - the local blogs list

Welcome to Crapaudverload *

Do you feel that the way the island is run brings us a never ending overload of cr**? Do you like to read what the citizens are talking about, away from the Mainstream Media?

This blog brings you a collection of constantly updated links to recent entries on all the local blogs I know about, and RSS feeds from other local forums and websites. I hope you find it useful.

Comments are possible, in case you wish to provide feedback, thank me enormously, or let me know of any additions I can make to the list. The original idea for this blog was to provide a means for anonymous comments on local issues, but other places have fulfilled that requirement for now - so this blog is now repositioned as a resource for the list of Jersey blogs (and anything interesting from The Other Bailiwick).


(crapaud is French for a toad - we have them here in the island of Jersey and for historical/comical reasons our neighbours in the other Channel Islands call us crapauds).

Sunday, 16 November 2008


This blog has been inspired by Senator Stuart Syvret's blog, where people are free to leave any comments on relevant matters and he will usually publish them.

I thought I'd provide a companion means of allowing you to have your say, on any issues about how the island is run. If you're happy, say so. If you're angry, say so. Whether you're pro or anti establishment, no matter - all comments will be published so long as they make their point without being utterly confusingly badly written or nonsense. Bad language will not make it through, and neither will anything that could land me in court. Apart from that, anything goes. If it's an honest opinion (and not just a wind up), I will publish it.

Rather than publish new main comments on specific topics, I may just start a new topic each week to clearly mark a boundary between old comments and a space for new ones. Let's see how it goes first, before I decide on that. The advantage of starting a new topic is that it would show up on other blogs where they list new items. I may post new topics simply to say that there are new comments here, but ask people to reply in the comments topic instead of the notice topic. All will become clear if/when this happens!

So now it's time to sit back and see if there's any demand for this.........